Road Safety

Going out for your daily exercise is the ideal time to discuss road safety with your children. If your own work means this isn't possible and your child has access to an Apple device, download VRW and explore the rules and strategies for staying safe in a virtual world. The application enables children to immerse themselves in a virtual environment - creating their own character and completing various quests which require them to navigate themselves around the city, crossing roads safely. This is an opportunity for them to educate themselves with a real life problem, in the safety of their own home.

There are many resources and support for sharing the Green Cross Code with your children.

We all need to remember - we must give the road our full attention at all times. This video reminds us of how they should travel safely - holding hands, not being distracted and not going ahead of parents. We must be fully aware of driveways and cars reversing and so it is essential children stay close to their parents whenever they are out walking, scooting or cycling.

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