School Meals

All infant school children are provided with a free school meal every day.  At Moss Lane, nearly all our children have hot school lunches rather than bringing in a packed lunch, and we do encourage all children to try them. 

The menu rotates on a three weekly basis, and changes three times a year.  

Parents will need to logon to Innovate's website and set up an account and order their child's meals for them.  All orders will need to be placed by midnight on the Saturday before the start of the week.  You can order for a week at a time, or for the whole term.

Click here to log on to the Innovate website 

We do are very best to accommodate the dietary needs of all children, so if your child is a vegetarian or has allergies for example, we should still be able to provide your child with a suitable meal in most cases.  Please download and complete the form below and return it to the school office, where arrangements will be made for your child.

T. 01483 417214 E.