Aims, Values & Ethos

Safe and happy, Aiming high!



Moss Lane is a happy, safe and inclusive community where expectations are high and where everyone is cared for and valued. Through an active approach, we promote independent, enthusiastic, confident and successful learners.


'Pupils work hard and want to do well.'

'They have good attitudes to learning and are proud of their school.'

'Pupils are well behaved, polite and kind to each other.'

‘I love learning in Moss Lane School’.

- OFSTED Report Feb 2018


At Moss Lane we aim to:

  • Offer rich and varied experiences where learning is fun and children are enthusiastic.

  • Develop independent learners and enable them to reach their full potential.

  • Deliver an exciting enquiry based curriculum where children grow personally, socially and academically.

  • Nurture a caring attitude and a respect for others and ourselves.

  • Develop a close partnership between all stakeholders.

  • Create a happy, healthy, safe and stimulating environment.

  • Provide equal opportunities for all and celebrate diversity.



Each half term we focus on a different value. We talk about this value in assemblies and in class, and bring it into different areas of our curriculum.


Half termly Values

Autumn 1


Autumn 2


Spring 1


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Summer 1


Summer 2


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