PTA - Who we are

All Moss Lane parents, guardians and staff are members of Moss Lane’s PTA. We aim to foster a friendly school community and raise money to help support the school.

PTA Committee 2021/22

We share the responsibilities of running the PTA at Moss Lane. Please get in touch if you would like to help out or have any ideas or talents to share:         

Chair  Kate T
Advisor Karen L
Secretary Anna T
Treasurer Ana-Maria
Teacher Rep Viki K
Uniform Vania P
Website Coordinator Nikki Y
Popcorn / other Holly P
Lollies / other Ben K
Mini-Market Nicola R
Committee members are elected at our Annual General Meeting.
Class reps 2021/22

Each class has one or two PTA class representative(s) who help with coordinating and encouraging involvement of parents at PTA and school events.

Our class reps are: 

Polars Rachael T & Kyra M
Pandas Mary M & Yueli M
Squirrels Claire D & Laura T
Foxes Debbie J & Sarah E
Hedgehogs Nicola P & Charlotte C
Otters Holly P & Anna T
T. 01483 417214 E.