The testimonials below show how as a school we support our  shared vision for Safe & happy, Aiming high.

 "A massive 'thank you' to you and your wonderful teachers and learning assistants for giving (anon) that strong foundation of a love for learning and exploring while bringing his individual interests and perspective to the learning environment."
"Thank you for everything you have done for... The amount he has learnt has been fantastic  and he has loved being a part of the  Moss Lane family."
"The school has gone above and beyond to support the children and their families throughout the pandemic. The school has put the children's well being and health at the forefront of all the decisions they have made. I am amazed at the progress my child has made this year and the resilience and the confidence they have gained even through this challenging time. The staff at Moss Lane  are fantastic and I am so very grateful my child is part of such a nurturing school family."
"So pleased we moved (anon) to Reception  for this year. The staff have been amazing, she's made some really great friends ( I hope for life). She's totally prepared for the move up to Year 1. Thank you."
"Thank you for all your hard work and dedication! Our journey with you is over, but we have grown so much along the way!"
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