Year 2

In Year 2, our learning is both exciting and interactive and we see children maturing both personally and academically.


Reading continues to play a major part in our curriculum and story times are just as valued as they were in EYFS and year One. The children will grow as readers further embedding their fluency and comprehension skills. Watching the children reading for pleasure is a real treat in year two – their keenness to be independent readers is admirable. As writers year two continue to apply their phonics skills but also work hard on embedding new spelling rules and patterns. These skills are used to write adventure stories, information booklets, diary entries, poems and recounts inspired by historical events and personal experiences. Year two take inspiration from texts such as Grandad’s Island, Flotsam, If I had Wings, Monster poems and Where the Wild Things Are.


We will be continuing to explore the exciting world of place value, addition and subtraction. Building on existing number fact knowledge, we dive into multiplication and division, ensuring we know how to explain what we have done, show our calculations both practically and in our books. Exploring time, money and measure allow us to use our everyday experiences to develop into proficient mathematicians.


Experimenting with the suitability of materials and factors that impact plant growth allow year two children to develop their skills when working scientifically. Embedding their understanding of humans and other animals through fact finding missions is always a fascinating topic. Trips to locations such as Wisley offer hands on experiences for all learners.

Children will be discovering their immediate and wider community in geography, identifying human and physical features of the continents near and far. ‘Island Adventures’ topic ensures that children have a good understating where in the world they fit and the continents that make up that world.  History topics, the great Fire of London, the Titanic and Many Moons ago give the children the opportunity to investigate and learn about events beyond their living memory and how it impacts life today, alongside significant people. Developing an understating of facts and respect for religions are key skills in year two RE.


Throughout the year the children will have opportunities to talk about their well – being and social interaction in PSHE. By the end of the year we feel confident that children know how to keep themselves safe in many situations, have the language to articulate their feelings and have skills to manage friendships.


It will certainly be an exciting and busy year for all, where children’s independence in self-care,  academic and social situations flourish, ready for the transition to junior school.

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