School Uniform

White polo shirt

Red school sweatshirt / cardigan - available with logo if desired from http://www.brigade.uk.com/

Grey trousers / shorts /  pinafore dress / skirt

Year R ONLY - Black jogging bottoms

Red small checked gingham dress / short suits in Summer

Grey or white socks / Grey or red tights in Winter

Black shoes

Optional sandals for summer (not open toed)


PE Uniform

Plain red t-shirt or polo shirt

Black shorts

Back tracksuit bottoms may be worn during the colder months

Red jumper may be worn during the colder months

Plimsolls / trainers


Please ensure that all clothing is named! We get an awful lot of lost property throughout the year and it is much easier to reunite items of clothing with their owners if everything is named. 


The children will need a book bag to take their reading books to and from school. Bags and water bottles with the school logo are available from the school office. 


School Jumpers with the school logo on can be purchase from: 


T. 01483 417214 E. info@moss-lane.surrey.sch.uk