The important thing is not to stop questioning.  Curiosity has its own reason for existing…’

Albert Einstein


At Moss Lane we teach science through discrete lessons and through the creative curriculum. We also use daily opportunities to encourage children to be curious about their world, posing and answer questions.

Children are encouraged to work scientifically and build on their existing knowledge through planned activities, which encourage them to observe, question, predict and carry out investigations. They are then given opportunities to present their ideas in different ways.  We aim to develop an open mind in our children so they can tolerate uncertainty reflect on their findings and develop higher level thinking skills.

We place a great importance on developing the correct scientific vocabulary so children can confidently explain their ideas using the correct terminology.

The children's enthusiasm for science is developed through our emphasis upon practical experiences within the classroom and in the outdoors environment.

We plan to have a science kit in each classroom that the children will have access to on a daily basis including resources to promote enquiry such as hand lenses, sand timers, stop watches and pipettes.

At Moss Lane we are fortunate to have our own allotment which we use to create effect to promote the Science curriculum. We also plan in school trips to enhance the science curriculum.

Due to the practical nature of science, we ensure the children work safely. Therefore, we always specify any health and safety considerations on our planning where appropriate.


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