Karate Maths

We have an initiative called ‘Karate Maths’ across the school.  Karate Maths is an innovative, engaging and kinaesthetic method for helping children learn and remember number facts.  Each child will have a grading booklet which will remain in school.  In their classes children will rehearse number facts matching to karate style moves.  Throughout the year the children will have an opportunity to  take part in a ‘Karate Maths grading’ to earn a certificate.  The criteria for each grade is included in the link below.


In order to support your child, please talk through the grading criteria and help your child decide which grade they would like to attempt, then practise, practise and practise some more!  The gradings will take place in class with your child’s teacher. Please note to gain the grade the children need to know by heart all the number facts from the previous grades in addition to the grade attempted.



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