Healthy School

Good emotional health underpins effective learning and promotes positive interactions.  All children have opportunities to develop their thinking and interpersonal skills and have the chance to practice and apply these skills in various environments.   Newly acquired skills are practised outside the formal curriculum extending to all areas of school life and beyond, with the school keen to involve families in their child’s learning journey.  

We regularly host special events in order to educate the children in alternative ways.  This often requires the support of others in order to make them more successful. Such events have seen the children having breakfast with their families and taking part in Multi Skills Sports Festival, as well as a healthy eating learning session from the staff at Waitrose as part of Food Awareness Week.  Other national campaigns are also supported such as Feeling Good Week, "Wrap, Splat and Hat" and the ‘Golden Boot Challenge.’  This annual feature encourages pupils to leave the car at home and travel to and from school in healthier ways.  One year we even had someone coming to school on their pony!! 

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