My name is Elaine Joyce and I joined the governing board as a co-opted member from the local community in October 2012. I am currently the Chair of the Governing Board and three of my grandchildren have attended Moss Lane so I have seen the school from the perspective of family as well as a governor.

We have a very good Governing Board, with a range of experience and appropriate skills, from business, education and public service backgrounds. This expertise helps us both support and challenge the school leaders to make good decisions that will provide a safe, well managed and professional school in which your children will thrive socially and educationally.

Our role is to be responsible for the strategic development of the school and to make sure the school fulfills all its statutory requirements. The daily routines of the school and professional educational decisions are the responsibility of the head teacher and the staff.

In this section of the website you will find various information about Moss Lane School’s Governing Body.  If you have anything specifically you wish to discuss, please do leave a note for me in the school office (where I have a ‘pigeon hole’ for communications) or email me on governors@moss-lane.surrey.sch.uk and I will get back to you.

Elaine Joyce

Chair of Governing Body

T. 01483 417214 E. info@moss-lane.surrey.sch.uk