Big Write

We know our children love Big Write because when we asked them they told us …

 “Big Write is my favourite because I get to write lots and lots and its really quiet.”

“In Big Write I am really good at using Wow Words and commas and exclamation marks!”

‘I really liked writing about the Titanic, the water was really, really cold.”



Once a week in KS1 our children write for up to 50 minutes in a special BIG LITTLE WRITE session. These sessions give children the opportunity to write freely in the genre they have been learning about during the previous English lessons. There is a special atmosphere to these sessions, music playing, sometimes bird song or sounds of the ocean. The paper is special, the pencils are special and there are often special Big Little Write fairy lights on each table.


KS1 are set ’Talk for Writing’ home learning each week. This home learning will be linked to the genre of writing they will be exploring for the following week e.g. Talk about words that describe the weather, words or phases that might be used in a newspaper, questions you might ask the Queen in a letter. Children will be asked to share new and exciting vocabulary in class that  they have discussed at home.

Participating in this home learning  supports the children to become very familiar with the genre and it is also a chance to mull over what they want to write about well before they put pen to paper…just like a writer does!

The Big Write sessions begin with high quality texts that provide good models of the focussed genre. The following sessions provide lots of talking, sharing of ideas and gathering of vocabulary. There is no ‘cheating’ in learning and especially not in the ‘Big Little Write’ as we encourage children to share ideas and we call this ‘magpieing’. Once the children have had plenty of time to rehearse their ideas they then participate in modelled writing, shared writing and guided writing sessions which allow them to rehearse aspects of the genre of writing. The culmination of all these exploratory sessions in THE BIG LITTLE WRITE where the children apply all the have explored and learnt about the genre! Children are encouraged to write independently using prompts around the classroom as a support.  Once the children have completed their writing they have an opportunity to edit their work with the support of peers and adults


 The genres the children write in include…

  •           Traditional stories
  •           Letters
  •           Instructions
  •           Reports
  •           Fact files
  •           Book reviews
  •           Poetry
  •           Recounts of real or imagined events
  •           Plays


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